How These 3 Things Can Help Me Take Action on My Career Development

How These 3 Things Can Help Me Take Action on My Career Development

As an employee or an entrepreneur, it is important to broaden your short-term thinking. If you have been working in the same field for a number of years and you feel that you haven’t gotten to your full potential then its time to think of change. One way to do this would be to create an action plan on how to move forward. Good planning will help you focus on ideas that will help you decide which steps you need to take in order to achieve your goals. Here are some action tips to help you further develop your career.

1. Set achievable goals
It is important to figure out what you want to achieve in your career in order to create the best strategy to go after it. You need to paint a very clear picture of what you want and how you plan on achieving it. Once you have set both your long-term and short-term goals you will be able to pursue them with a passion.
Clear goals will keep you from floundering in your career. They will also keep you focused and keep you away from activities that waste your time and energy.
You should take your time to carefully think about your values, interests, skills, talents and experiences. Having this information at hand will help you select roles that are better suited for you and avoid the ones that are not.
2. Keep Learning and reading
IF you want to further your career then it is important to keep learning. You need to progressively access your abilities and current knowledge levels and figure out how to improve on these. Figure out where you may be lacking and plan on rectifying this. Many new skills are currently in demand and you may be required to take a course or two to keep up with the new trends.
There are currently many professional online courses that you can take on a part-time basis. These will allow you to work as you study. Having higher academic qualifications can come in handy when hunting for that dream promotion or job.
3. Other Training
Alternatively, if you are not comfortable going back to the classrooms, you can consider going to conferences and attending training workshops. This could be a great way to learn about new technologies or systems that can help you advance your career. You can also get lots of good information from industry magazines, blogs, books, newsletters and research papers and websites. Be proactive
A good job or a good promotion will rarely just fall on your lap. You need to be proactive and go after what you need. You need to find a way to get noticed by your current boss or prospective employer. You need to stand out in your current career and go above and beyond your current output. If needed, you should ask for what you want. Your boss may not realize that you need a promotion or a slight change in direction.
You should also network and use social media reach to find out what other opportunities are available to you.

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  1. Some great tips there. I know some people who have difficulty making decisions for long term learning and taking steps to advance their careers, so these tips are very helpful. Thanks for sharing!

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