Management & Leadership Skills

Responding to Client Aggression

An introductory level course for Health and Human Services workers to develop skills in managing and preventing client aggression. Learn verbal techniques used to de-escalate clients. Our trainers are industry experts who have diverse skills in criminology, psychology, and Human Services. Don’t just manage crisis events, intervene before the crisis.

Cultural Capability

An introductory level course for staff to develop cultural capability. This program provides insights, knowledge and skills necessary to work effectively with diverse cultural groups. Is every one in your team culturally capable? Our trainers are industry experts who have diverse skills and experience in working in CALD Communities.

Risk Intelligent Workplaces

This program focuses on the human element of risk and examines how performance management frameworks and practices can reduce risk and incidents in the workplace. The management of staff performance and the development of risk intelligence in staff can reduce organizational risk, insurance premiums and can unlock organisational performance. Many agencies don’t take calculated risks as they fear they cannot rely on their human resources. Private equity firms take over struggling businesses every day and turn them into solid operations because they are “Risk Intelligent”. The risk intelligent organisation can be bold and take risks others can’t because they have primed their workforce to maintain vigilance and developed the risk radar in every staff member.

Practical Performance Management

This program is targeted at the practitioner manager. The person who has risen into a management role from a practitioner background and needs to acquire solid and practical HR skills to lead their team. Whether they are a first time manager or an experienced manager looking to enhance their skills, HR for Practitioner/Managers deals with the reconciliation of the managerial skills set in the dynamic, diverse workplace of today . Facilitated by practitioners who have themselves made the transition in community services management this very practical program will provide participants with a tool kit for managing the HR requirements of their role.

Workplace Behaviour

These workshops are highly successful and contextualised to the Health and Human Services workforces and it deals with the complexity of the highly challenging and at times emotive nature of the work. These workshops last 3 hours and involve the entire work unit. The toxic ten most common workplace behaviours are explored and practical resolutions that increase staff responsibility and confidence are proposed. The workshop concludes with the development of a workplace behaviour/cultural agreement that is developed by all staff and becomes a living document that is reviewed regularly and used as part of the induction of new staff. Past clients of this programs include The Department of Child Safety Qld, the Department of Public Safety Qld, Foster Care Qld and Pathways Inc.
This program is delivered in the workplace in either a morning or afternoon session. Worksites buddy up so they can transfer phones to each other for the duration of the session. This is a powerful workshop that gives a vocabulary to the behaviours so they can be identified and transparently discussed. A pre and post discussion with the leadership of the worksite is highly recommended and part of the fee.

Administrative Decision Making

This workshop is a 1 day session aimed at helping managers understand their process and merit requirements of administrative decision making. This session covers procedural fairness, natural justice, and appeals.

Customer Satisfaction in Health and Human Services

Customer satisfaction in Human services is a complicated topic. In these areas we may be working with vulnerable and involuntary clients. We explore customer satisfaction and how you can meet customer expectations and reduce complaints. This ½ day workshop is interactive and provides valuable insights into the findings of various high level investigations into client satisfaction. The reasons for most complaints may not be what you think.

Leadership and Change in Health and Human Services

This 1 day program take the learner through the various style and types of leadership and assists them to consider their style and establishing their voice as a leader. This work shop does indeed call into question Manager vs leader but takes the intelligent next step in to creating forum for the emergence of leadership and an examination of leadership in context of contemporary service delivery. We explore t to not just create vision but also execute it. We explore change management paradigms and provide the learner with frameworks and tools to lead during change.

Team Management

We use a range of contemporary tools and strategies to equip supervisors, emerging leaders and managers to elevate their leadership and to build cohesive teams. This full day workshop examines team dynamics and behavior, stages of team development and creating environments for teams to flourish. We deal with team conflict and leading high performing teams.

Conflict Management

In this 1 day program we examine the origins and causes of conflict, natural responses to conflict and methods of preventing, managing, mitigating and addressing conflict. The learner will examine their own conflict styles and responses to conflict and explore how these have impacted their teams and workplaces. We will provided tools and processes that assist in the development of skilled and confident conflict managers. This program is suitable for those managing conflict in the workplace as well as client complaints.

Project Management 101

This 1 day introductory course will assist the novice project manager to obtain the necessary tools and insights to structure and deliver a basic project. Facilitated by experienced executive project managers this program covered the essential skills and knowledge required to deliver workplace projects with skill and efficiency.

Ethics and Code of Conduct

Our trainers deliver code of conduct and ethics training for you staff. We have existing packages that can be contextualized to your environment or we can deliver your in house products

Workplace Health and Safety Training

Our trainers deliver workplace Health and Safety training for you staff. We have existing packages that can be contextualized to your environment or we can deliver your in house products

Influential Communication

Why are some people exception communicators? They can communicate with incredible influence. These people seem to know not just what to say but how to say it. They can give hard messages in a soft way, they are diplomatic and very engaging. In this 1 day workshop learn the principals of highly influential communication. We cover Authenticity, transparency, body language, the science of Neuro Linguistics and perceptual positioning. This interactive workshop is great fun and very enlightening. Our facilitator is a criminologist and an expert in the human dynamics of communication.


This flat out controversial session is a provocation to examine preparedness for NDIS. Not for the close minded the session take lessons from the trial sites and data from all areas of the sector to deliver a high impact challenge to the readiness of our sector. The facilitators have over 40 years combined experience at all levels of the Human Services Sector. This course looks at NDIS from all angles and perspectives, from service users, to the parents and carers, the workers, the politicians and the seemingly unaffected public. If your agenda is sustainability and continuity of service this course is a must. As Disability services grapple with the transition from funded service provision to the commercial terms service industry, agencies will stand an fall on their preparation and development of services, models and marketing. If you are preparing for NDIS, this will be the most valuable day away from the office you will spend all year.

Managing Client Aggression

Our trainer David Bradford is a Criminologist with 20 years’ experience in dealing with hostile and aggressive clients in areas such as Corrections, Child Protection and Health. David conducts an insightful learner focused workshop on aggression management and how to de-escalate aggressive clients. He focuses on triggers, identifying signs of aggression, verbal techniques to manage aggression and strategies to interrupt escalations. If you are in a customer service environment where your staff encounter aggression this training will significantly enhance your responses to challenging clients.
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