No words can express geatitude for getting us through this cert in challenging unprecedented times, but maintaining the humour and love we have come to love and expect from days of old in the classroom ๐Ÿ‘. Thank you for the wonderful graduation ceremony ๐ŸŽ‰. Truly felt special ๐Ÿคฉ. Wishing you and yours a blessed Christmas and prosperous new year ๐Ÿ’–. Bring on 2021 and the Diploma ๐Ÿ‘ฉโ€๐ŸŽ“
Chris, thank you so very very much! The fact you just push through even last-minute assessments is a testament to the dedication and passion you operate out of. It's more than a job to you... you labour for the good of the industry and the people it works for. You are the REAL DEAL. Thank you again. You honestly made this a more valuable experience for me.
Thank you so much Dave Bradford and his team for going above and beyond in service delivery in providing quality service, honesty and support where it's needed ๐Ÿ†
I think I should be the one thanking you as if you hadnโ€™t of jumped in to help us all, I honestly wouldnโ€™t have completed it, so thank you thank you thank you for all your time knowledge & wisdom. Oh and a big thank you that Iโ€™m getting my cert 1V with honours ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
Michael Draper
Omg yay!! Iโ€™m so excited! Thank you so much Chris, I couldnโ€™t have done it without you! Most awesome teacher we could have asked for!! Always so encouraging and helpful!!
Sinead Poumako-Hoskin
I recently finished the process for obtaining the Graduate Diploma of Strategic Leadership. David and the team were fantastic - everything from the prompt reply of my emails, to the excellent customer service and encouraging support over the telephone.

The enrolment process was simple and easy to navigate. I would recommend the Bradford Institute of Advanced Education to anyone. Thank you David and the team!
I live in a small rural town in North Queensland... and getting jobs around here depends on "who you know" most of the time. Well today I got a job after many years of not having a job! Thanks to Dave/ DaVange Training, who had professional contacts in this town, I went for an interview at 2pm and had a job offer by 4:30 PM. I start work on Tuesday as a Youth Worker at a residential facility.

My interview went for 1 hour 10 minutes - the CEO and her co-worker bot asked me many questions and posed scenarios to me, and I can happily say I was equipped through this course, to answer all questions and scenarios.

I want to encourage you, to absorb those videos and zoom sessions... don't just listen to them to find answers to assessments. Hear the heart of the message Dave and Chris share, the wealth of years of experience, the compassions and empathy and understanding... it all shaped my mindset and heart attitude majorly! It is like my heart caught their empathy etc. and that is what came out of my mouth. The CEO who interviewed me today said that the heart for people (whatever job your applying for) is 80-90% of the what they are looking for, then knowledge.

I am excited to put my feet to all the theory... I feel way more confident because of this course โค๏ธ.
Amanda Heston
I just finished my Diploma of Community Services with the Bradford Institute of Advanced Education. I didn't think I could do it, I've been out of education for so long, but they were so supportive and professional and made it so easy.

My tutor Laura was so helpful and taught us in such a way that everything made perfect sense. Now I've got the study bug and I'm going on to further study, with the confidence to know that I can do it.
I just completed my Diploma Child, Youth and Family Intervention. Absolutely loved the trainer she was so supportive. Highly recommend ๐Ÿ˜
Bradford Institute of Advanced Education are a sector leading institute with polite, helpful and most importantly knowledgeable trainers and staff. unlike many other RTO's or Institutional trainers, these guys have walked the walk and can talk the talk in a way that is not laced in text book talk or broad purchased generic materials.

I have experienced the trainers to be incredibly relatable and boast impressive front line experience in the Human Services Sector in paid and voluntary roles. choosing to be trained by a BIAE trainer means you get trained by someone who knows what they are talking about and will leave you feeling confident and competent! great team!
I've studied with these guys and I can say it was a far better experience than I expected.

They are not the usual RTO that is all over you until you enrol and as soon as the money hits their account you never hear from them again.

They are supportive, they follow up and they want you to finish. I didn't realise how lucky I was until I had to rely on my qual at work. They are well known and respected by employers and they remain connected with the industry.

Best decision I ever made. I would highly recommend Bradford Institute of Advanced Education to anyone looking to get into a different job or seeking promotion in their current one.
I am currently studying a Diploma in child youth and family intervention.

Have you ever thought of study but are afraid of the โ€œonlineโ€ commitment as it involves a lot of reading and regurgitating and a lot of time and concentration is required . This was me until I started with Bradford.

Great news these guys have a fantastic way of delivering course content with online videos, zoom discussions and are very approachable with any questions you have. The course is set up with an easy to follow user friendly flow to the modules. Take a leap of faith like I did and study with these guys you will love the experience. ! ๐Ÿ˜ ๐ŸŽ“ love the power of learning.

It has given me the confidence to pursue returning to work.
This will help me find some work as it shows that I am willing to learn and not just sit around I have applied for casual work at a school and when I showed him my certificates he was a bit impressed so fingers crossed.
It gave me a clearer understanding of my role and rights and responsibilities
It has supported me working in the care working field, I enjoy it, it's meant I have gained employment easily.
I also would like to take this opportunity to personally THANK YOU for your assistance throughout this course.

After completing cluster 1 on my own, the thought of doing 7 more clusters on my own was rather daunting. Depression had kind of set in and I considered not proceeding with the cert 4 course. BUT you gave me the confidence to go on. Without your fortnightly Zoom meetings, I would not of completed the course.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your knowledge of this industry, your humour and your generosity in helping DCR staff.
Derrick Redding
I found this training organisation to be professional, proficient and always ready to assist. It was a very enjoyable and rewarding experience. I would highly recommend to anyone.
I was thrilled yesterday when I finished & rushed it into Officeworks a got a little down when I found out it all didnโ€™t go through but no worries they sorted it out this morning.

I am so thrilled & canโ€™t thank you enough for the lengths you have gone to for all of us . Your are truely special & I feel blessed to have crossed paths with you . Your positivity,knowledge & encouraging attitude makes you the teacher you are . Thank you so much
Debra Young
I have enrolled in many learning programs and I personally have found Bradford Institute is the best one. they are not just there for your money infact they have many options to help assist you no matter what your situation.

The online training is great as you can access anytime you have time. there is so much support, interaction, and feedback and most importantly communication. when having a rough time i know and feel comfortable with messaging my trainer and usually she is right there or replies soon after.

Everything I've asked there has always been a supportive reply, we have fun while learning. the interaction between students trainers and even our CEO is amazing. I highly recommend Bradford institute
I am ever so grateful with how you have brought about this Certi Course for people like me.

Your style of teaching, your sence of humour, your storytelling, your sharp tongue which says 'Don't mock me' is how I like to be taught. Straight up.

Thank you Chris, I would like to make sure I get through this course. Before moving forward. Bless you and your family.
John Stewart
Very helpful staff and I love the RPL aspect of learning. Highly recommended
BIAE allowed great flexibility to fit education into my existing work and home commitments. This combined with the ability to RPL made them an obvious choice. Dave and Ange were thoughtful, inspiring and motivating. I would not hesitate to highly recommend them.
I have anxieties around study. but I felt incredibly supported and encouraged every step of the way to achieving my diploma. i was always meet with openness, caring and kind attitude from the whole Bradford team.

Thank you Hannah for always been so helpful, Chris for encouraging me to step up to diploma, Ange for constantly tracking my progress and checking in, Dave for giving me time and Sam for been right by my side in the last stride. ๐Ÿ™‚
Studying with BIAE helped me understand my potential and dramatically improved my confidence in human services. Dave and Ange set up a warm learning environment where students felt supported and valued.

As a teacher/mentor, Dave not only gave me insight into my chosen field of work, the knowledge and skills I acquired from courses (completed) helped pave the way to University where I am currently in my fourth year studying a Bachelor of Social Work. Forever grateful and highly recommend!
I honestly can say that If it was not for Dave Bradford I would not have the successful career I enjoy today. As a mature age student I returned to the class room after 20 years! I was a deer in the headlights with my head spinning. Dave was quick to identify this, reassured me and got me through. Highly recommend Dave as an educator.

Dave has the ability to relate to people from all walks of life and backgrounds! You will not find a more professional educator who will get you the results you are after! Thanks Dave!
It gives me a set of skills that I can build on or fall back on should my current job not work out for me
Gives me confidence to go for jobs i wouldn't normally go for It has given me a broader view and better knowledge and language to advocate for children in my care. It has enabled me to join the Community Services sector as a paid employee.
The diploma will hopefully open up doors that werenโ€™t even available prior to completing.
As a Carer, I am now a more informed advocate. I now know the language that means Iโ€™m taken seriously in schools and with the DCP. It has opened so many doors for study and employment, that once felt unachievable.
Gives me a ticket in a ticket driven world and opens doors. Its a formal acknowledgement of the skills I have gained over many years of volunteering
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the amazing experience and support while studying through DaV'ange Training over the last 12months. The support that I've received from the team at DaV'ange training is nothing less then amazing.
I've been able to further myself with 2 diplomas in 12 months. The sky is the limit for me. Because of this experience I've had with your organisation Im looking into university doing a Bachelor in Social Work. I'd never thought the day would come for myself to be in uni, which is huge as I'm only the 3rd person in 25 yrs to go to uni(on both sides of my family and we are a pretty big family on both sides).
I've spoken of your amazing services to organisations before my resignation at Life Without Barriers at a recent event so I'm hoping they reach out to you soon. I will continue to recommend speak highly your service. Once again thank you so much. I honestly can't express my gratitude towards DaV'ange and a specially thanks to Becc and Sam.
Karina Bray
I would highly recommend studying through Bradford Institute I completed my cert 4 late last year and they were amazing if I had seen the diploma earlier I would have done it but I started my bachelor now.
Genea Macca